Trade in your old for new

The rug in your room is the centerpiece of the room
Do you want to bring a fresh look to your room
without breaking the bank account?

100% Trade –In Policy if purchased from us

You can trade in your rug for any reason, at any time in the life of your rug. You will receive 100% of your purchase amount in store credit, As long as it is hand-knotted with pile, and is not cut burned or badly stained. Trade-in store credit may only be used toward the purchase of an in-stock rug


The condition of your rug doesn’t matter to us if you purchased a new rug and you can’t tolerate it anymore bring it in we will offer you a decent price and buy it from you, then you can choose a new one among 5000 rugs we have in our store. The good news is that you can even bring in a rug that has been ripped off by a pet or a rug that has no fringes left on it thanks to your children, the main feature in Trade in is to welcome you with any type of rugs with any kind of conditions. Khazai rug outlet will welcome you and your rug in any condition so don’t leave it on the dumpsters.

You can choose a new one among 5000 rugs we have in our store

Any rug, regardless of where you purchased it!

Is your rug discolored, worn or torn? You can still trade it in!! Sounds crazy?! That's Right! Handmade, machine made, old, new, Persian rug, Chinese rug, Indian rug, Turkish rug. Bought it, inherited or received as a gift, you can trade it in for new.


Khazai Rug "Don't Hate It! Trade It"

In the past we only allowed our VIP customers only but due to our huge selection of new inventory we decided to open it to everyone!So bring in your old and leave with the new one!

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