To protect the life of your rug, absorb spills or stains immediately.


    • Cleaning & Services

Clean your rug every one or two years depending on size, traffic, environmental factors, and wear.

Depending of the nature of the rug, our cleaning specialists will hand clean or dry clean your rug.

Our cleaning services are excellent for all stains, pet odors, and smoking odors.


Restore your rug to new life!

We offer rug repair and restoration services for most antique, Oriental, and Persian rugs.

We specialize in color matching and dying faded rugs as well as repairing stains, tears, rips, snags, and minor burns.


    • Appraisal

Need to know the value of a rug for taxes, insurance estimates, or estates?

Let Rug Culture to help you.

We offer fair and reliable appraisal services



Please contact us for a free estimate;

Tell: (980)207-3287

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